Game MoMo Challenge –
L-89-आधिकारिक भाषा- Official Language-

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  1. StudY LoveR- VeeR 3 years ago

    Game MoMo Challenge –
    L-89-आधिकारिक भाषा- Official Language-
    👉Follow on Instagram:

  2. surbhi gupta 3 years ago

    santosa island in singapure

  3. Dipanshu Sharma 3 years ago

    Sir you tube se lectures ke pdf download kaise kare

  4. Piyush Singh 3 years ago

    Manmohan Singh – PM from Assam rajya Sabha
    Sher shah Suri was during Humayun era

  5. Amar jeet Verma 3 years ago


  6. kuldeep bharti 3 years ago

    भारत के ऐसे प्रधानमंत्री जो राज्यसभा से हैं पहली इंदिरा गांधी एचडी देवगौड़ा इंद्र कुमार गुजराल मनमोहन सिंह

  7. ✔Sentosa Island
    ✔Seven countries touches border with India…..and largest border with bangladesh
    ✔ Manmohan Singh from rajyasabha…
    ✔Indira gandhi was the first p.m. who elected from rajya sabha
    ✔ International solar alliance hq in gurugranth
    ✔ Shershah suri time period …..Babar
    ✔Momo cartoon created by Midori hiyashi(japanese artist)

  8. siddhant Sharma 3 years ago

    Sentosa island in Singapore

  9. kuldeep bharti 3 years ago

    जब भारतीय संविधान बना था उस समय संविधान में 22 भाग 395 अनुच्छेद और 8 अनुसूचियां थी

  10. pinky Rani 3 years ago

    1.Meeting of USA and South Korea was on Sentosa Island in Singapore.
    2. country sharing border with India – Bangladesh ,China ,Pakistan, Nepal, Myanmar ,Bhutan, Afghanistan.
    Bangladesh is sharing largest border with India that is 4096.7 kilometre.
    3 Manmohan Singh was MP from Rajya Sabha.
    Indira Gandhi was first Prime Minister of India nominated from Rajya Sabha.
    4.Headquarter of international solar Alliance is in Gurugram Haryana.
    5.Image of Momo challenge is created by a Japanese artist Midori Hayashi.
    6. Time period of Sher Shah Suri between the Mughal King Humayun.

  11. Sangita Sharma 3 years ago

    6 countries…largest border is with Bangladesh

  12. akshay patil 3 years ago

    Sir ji… Last two days you are not discussed "ONE LINER" please add this in next pib videos…

  13. Sir me morning me jldi to nhi uth pati…me try kr chuki hu but uth bhi jati hu to lecture sun kr fir so jati hu. Jbki night me better pd leti hu…isi wazh se me comment bhi last me krti hu….kyuki sir me extra bhi padti hu kuch topics or fir revise etc. Bhi krna hota h to time milne pr hi videos dek pati hu…muje nhi lgta mere liye morning me hadbadi me dekhne se muje jyda fyda hoga kyuki ye to ek competition sa ho jyga mere liye…sir aap esa mt sochiye ki morning me uth kr hi better answer diye ja skte h kuch students meri trh bhi h jo night me accha pd sakte h…ha itna confirm h apki videos fyda phucha rhi h….apke liye bht mushkil hota hoga sabkuch manage krna…itni informative videos available krana…to sir bas me yhi chahti hu apki mehnat ka effective use ho…late hi shi but acche se lecture sunti hu apka…and love your lacture and way of teaching. Thank you so much sir

  14. Ritu Verma 3 years ago

    Sir ,
    Aap sote kitne baje h ?

  15. priya singh 3 years ago

    Hell0 sir
    India ke border ko 6 country touch
    Karti h= Pak,china,Nepal,Bhutan,Bangladesh,myanmar
    Bangladesh se sense longest border

  16. Muklesh Kumar 3 years ago

    Babur ke time me shersah Suri Aya tha

  17. sukhdeep badesha 3 years ago

    Good evening sir

  18. Santosh Jadhav 3 years ago

    -New Delhi

  19. saumya pandey 3 years ago

    India shares border with Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, China and Tibet. Largest border shares with Bangladesh.
    Headquarter of international solar Alliance – gurugram, Haryana.

  20. Prabhakant Sharma 3 years ago

    yes sir rajsabha se indira gandhi pahali pm thi

  21. Sudhir Mandal 3 years ago

    Sentosa island, Singapore meeting of north koreon and us president

  22. Vishant Raj 3 years ago

    Sir one liners are not available they are too important.
    They are helpfull for revise old news

  23. Lalu Lalu 3 years ago

    7 countries touches India's border
    Pakistan ,Bangladesh,Bhutan,Nepal ,Myanmar ,Afghanistan ,China
    Largest border touch with Bangladesh

    Manmohan singh became pm from rajya sabha

    Momo challenge game picture created by midori hayashi from japan

    Meeting plqce of trupm or kim is sentosa island in Singapore

  24. Sudhir Mandal 3 years ago

    India bordered with 7 countrys

  25. Sudhir Mandal 3 years ago

    India shares longest boundries with Bangladesh

  26. Dharmendra Yadav 3 years ago

    Indira gandhi was a RS member
    Manmohan singh was RS member

  27. Dharmendra Yadav 3 years ago

    ISA hq:gurugram, Haryana.

  28. Dharmendra Yadav 3 years ago

    Sir apne mcq kabse start kiye he?

    Kya hame telegram pr pdf mil skta h?

  29. tapanjeet roy 3 years ago

    thank you sir…sir can you please provide us with the video tutorials of Indian Ancient History

  30. Sershah suri
    Humayu k time m 1540 m

  31. Sershah suri
    Humayu k time m 1540 m

  32. Rajesh Chauhan 3 years ago

    Sir can you provide link to download nano magazine pdf , MCQ pdf from January onward and if possible the all polity lectures pdf also.

  33. siddhu pujari 3 years ago

    सर, प्लीज बताईये कि, अगर चार बजे उठना है, तो रात को कितने बजे सोना चाहीये है??? और दोपेहर को नींद लेनी चाहीये क्या??? 24 घंटे मे कितनी नींद जरूरी है???

  34. krishan chand 3 years ago

    Very nice lecture sir ji

  35. Kim Trump meeting held in Sentosa Island, Singapore

    India Shares border with (BAChPaN mein MBA kia) – Bhutan, Afghanistan, China, Nepal, Myanmar, Bangladesh.
    Bangladesh shares the longest border with India : 4096Km

    Former PM Dr. Manmohan Singh (13th PM) was from Rajya Sabha elected from Assam.
    Other PM who came from Rajya Sabha :
    3rd) Indira Gandhi – UP
    11th) HD Deve Gowda – Karnataka
    12th) IK Gujaral – Bihar

    ISA headquarters : Gurugram, Haryana

    Momo Challenge picture is actually of a sculpture created by Japanese special effects company, Link Factory.

    Sher Shah Suri was contemporary with Babur and Humanyun.

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