ऐसे तय होती है Rupee के मुकाबले Dollar की कीमत-
L-88- नीति आयोग – NITI Aayog-
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  1. StudY LoveR- VeeR 3 years ago

    ऐसे तय होती है Rupee के मुकाबले Dollar की कीमत-
    L-88- नीति आयोग – NITI Aayog-
    👉Follow on Instagram:

  2. Passion UPSC 3 years ago

    thanku Sir

  3. Passion UPSC 3 years ago

    please like the vedio….

  4. Sudhir Mandal 3 years ago

    International day of peace theme is
    The rigtht to peace

  5. Sudhir Mandal 3 years ago

    Maxico region called Hurricane

  6. Sudhir Mandal 3 years ago

    175 GW renewable energy target of India by 2022
    Solar energy-100GW
    Wind energy-60GW

  7. Anju Mahala 3 years ago

    Typhoon in USA named hurricane

  8. Sudhir Mandal 3 years ago

    Lal bahadur shastri national academy of administration
    Mussoorie, uttrakhand
    Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
    National police academy

  9. Mahima Gaur 3 years ago

    Theme of international peace day 2018- "the right to peace – the universal declaration of human rights at 70"

  10. Life Changes 3 years ago

    America region…

  11. Laxman Dolare 3 years ago

    ⌛Hii Sir…⌛
    ➡️InternationalInterna Day of peace 2018 Theme – "The Right to peace -the universal declaration of human rights at 70 ".
    ➡️ NITI AYOG -national Institution for transforming India. – It was Established in -1 January 2015.
    ➡️H.Q- New Delhi.
    ➡️IAS -(Indian Administration Service.
    Training Center -Lal Bahadur Shastri national academy of Administration. Where-Mussoori ,Uttarakhand .
    ➡️ IPS -(Indian Police Service)
    Training Center-Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police academy .
    ➡️Where – Hyderabad, Telagana.

  12. Sudhir Mandal 3 years ago

    NITI Aayog formed in 1st january 2015
    Chairman-priminister of India
    Vice chaiman-Rajiv kumar
    Ceo-Amitabh kant

  13. Aishwarya akriti 3 years ago

    Aaj koi one liner nahi hai ?

  14. Thailand involve nahi tha

  15. pinky Rani 3 years ago

    1. Theme of world peace day is Right to peace – the universal declaration of Human Rights at 70. 2 in USA and Mexico cyclone is known as tornadoes.
    In North Atlantic reason it is known as hurricane.
    3. Distribution of solar energy distribution of 175 gigawatt –
    100 with Gigabyte by solar energy 60 Gigabyte by wind energy
    10 gigabit by biomass energy
    5G covered by hydropower energy. 4.Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration in Uttarakhand.
    Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy in Hyderabad.
    5 Niti Ayog was founded at 1st January 2015.
    its chairman is Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
    vice chairman is Rajiv Kumar and CEO is Amitabh Kant.

  16. Anil Kumar Kumar 3 years ago

    jai hind

  17. Neeraj Badyal 3 years ago

    sir,16 ko jkpsc ka paper tha and almost 80% questions apke nano magazine mein padaye gye the….

  18. Anwar Hussain 3 years ago

    Please send me your personal contact number sir

  19. GAURAV KUMAR 3 years ago

    sir geography start kar dejiye

  20. Hanumant Yadav 3 years ago

    Masco me harken
    Japan me tifoon
    HINDI ocean me saiklon
    Australia me bibibili

  21. Kajal Singh 3 years ago

    Them of IDP :this year theme on the 70th anniversary declaration of human rights is a way to build and deliver on the promise of peace. maxico =hurricane. IAS training center :Lal bhadur shastri nation academy of administrative.And IPS training center :sardar vallabhbhai patal nation police academy.

  22. Hanumant Yadav 3 years ago

    Lalbahadur shastri national academy massoory

  23. richy rich 3 years ago

    21 sep universal piece day- right to peace

    Usa- hurricane

    Lal bhadur shastri national academy of administrator
    In mussorie uttrakhand

    Sardar vallabhai patel police academy
    In hyderabad

    Niti ayog- national institute for transforming india
    1 Jan 2015
    Chairaman- p.m
    Vice chairman- rajeev kumar
    Ceo- amitabh kant

    175 GW target
    100 solar
    60 wind
    10 bio
    5 small hydel energy

    Thanku sir 😇

  24. Manvichoudhary Mona 3 years ago

    Tnxx so much sir hindi m questions k liye aaj mene sare questions solve kiye

  25. hello sir i am very disappointed from you ..
    aap jb editorial samjha rhe hote ho to usme aap jo question puchte ho to aap answer v de diya karo… aap kya bolte ho mene jo mcq wala video bnaya hai usme btaya tha ..
    hmm kya wo question ka ans jane ke liye wo video dekhe itna tym ni hota hai aapko ptta hai
    ye faltu ka style marna band karo….
    you are on good track so plz jyda over style mt marro
    you should make lecture and knowledge easy to us……
    if you seen then so reply plzz

  26. Me Monalisa 3 years ago

    Thank you so much sir 🙏

  27. sir i think you are missing something , which is very important, one liner, please restart it .

  28. Vishal Purohit 3 years ago


  29. saumya pandey 3 years ago

    Typhoon is known as hurricane in North America region.

  30. tapanjeet roy 3 years ago

    thanks a lot sir..

  31. Lalu Lalu 3 years ago

    International peace day on 21st sep
    Theme right to peace

    Niti ayog replace by planing commission on 1 January2015
    Pm modi chairmen
    Rajiv kumar vice chairmen
    Amitabh kant Ceo

    175GW TILL 2022
    100 gw solar
    60 wind
    10 biomass
    5 hydrow power

  32. ankit sharma 3 years ago

    sir kcuh log raat m 1 bahe so k 6 baje uthte hai….baat ti ej hi hai na

  33. Ghanshyam verma 3 years ago

    Sir ne Kahan Saandar training karke IPS nikal kar aatey hai.
    Lekin this year.
    During training out of 122 IPS trainee 119 failed after training in Exam…😎😎😎😋😋😋

  34. Kiran Nair 3 years ago

    Sir plz take name as Shivaji Maharaj 🙏🏻

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