आत्महत्या – Suicide से कैसे बचे ?-
India, China and Pakistan Comparative Development-

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  1. StudY LoveR- VeeR 3 years ago

    Target- 5200 Likes
    आत्महत्या – Suicide से कैसे बचे ?-
    India, China and Pakistan Comparative Development-

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  2. vijay kumar 3 years ago

    Thanks veer sir

  3. Priyanka Mahobiya 3 years ago

    Sir pdf hindi me bhi provide kariye please

  4. Amit Kashyap 3 years ago

    Western Ghats- Maharastra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerela and Tamilnadu
    Serena Williams was defeted by Naomi Osaka from Japan(First woman player from japan to won US open Title)
    Sikkim became part of India on 16 May 1975

  5. amar_N Patel 3 years ago

    ◆ MAP QUES
    Tampere is a city of Finland in southern part

    ◆ western ghat ( gujrat +maharastra +Goa + Karnataka + Kerala + tamilnadu)

    ◆ Sikkim became associate state in 1974 and become full fledged state (22nd ) in 1975
    ◆ Movie name is ' Madras Caffe '

  6. Vijay maurya 3 years ago

    Sir, movie is Madras cafe in this movie john visits Sri Lanka on a secret mission, finds himself in the middle of a civil war and a conspiracy to kill the former prime minister of India.

  7. chaudhari shailesh 3 years ago

    Western ghat pass through 5 state. Guj. Mah. Goa. Karnataka kerala

  8. MANISH SHARMA 3 years ago


  9. Sunil Kumar 3 years ago

    1. सेरेना विलियम्स को जापान की नाओमी ओसाका ने हराया था।
    2. 36st संविधान संसोधन 1975 में sikkim को राज्य का status मिला।

  10. Santanu Ball 3 years ago

    Thanks Veer Vaiyaa.

  11. Tarannum Khan 3 years ago

    Good morning sir

  12. sunil kumar meena 3 years ago

    Good morning

  13. Debadutta Mohanty 3 years ago

    Sir may you please upload the current affairs questions and nano magazine monthly compilation just as u have done for the Hindu editorial monthly compilation..?
    Thanks sir

  14. nilamber dewangan 3 years ago

    =Tampere is south of Finland capital Helsinki, U-20 IAAF (INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF ATHLETIC FEDERATION.

  15. nilamber dewangan 3 years ago

    Western Ghat touching states Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala & Tamil Nadu.

  16. NAR VIJAY 3 years ago

    Madras cafe naam h sir movie ka

  17. Nikhil Patel 3 years ago

    Naomi osaka…japan winner us open 2018

  18. Raja Rawat 3 years ago

    Sir apne MCQ questions dena q bndh kr dia??

  19. chaitrali raut 3 years ago

    1)Finland:City in southern Finland. Recently in March robots were deployed in schools. Most populous inland city in Finland.

    2)Western ghat :touches Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, karnataka, Kerala and Tamilnadu.

    3)Serena Williams was defeated by Naomi Osaka of Japan in US opens.

    4)Sikkim:22nd state became in 1975.

  20. DIVYESH PITHIYA 3 years ago

    सर जो आपने बताया केरल के बारे में जो २ समनिटी। गठन किये तो उसके बनरे बात वो
    क्यूँ की हो एक्ष्म ३ बार पूछि हे
    ओर सर जो आप कोय समित का गठन करे टों आप ज़रू बता हे क्यूँ की परिक्षआ में हो पुछे जाते हे

  21. tapanjeet roy 3 years ago

    thank you sir for uploading it

  22. Rohit Chauhan 3 years ago

    36 constitution amend in 1975 sikkim became the part of Indian

  23. Jassika Hardaniya 3 years ago

    Naomi Osaka defeat Serena Williams in us open

  24. Western ghat ki dristirct …. Gujrat ,m.h., goa, karnataka, mereka,tmilnadu

    Serena villium ko harane vali japan player Naomi Osaka in us open

    Sikkim bharat se 1975 may me juda .. isse phl y british rule m ak princy state tha …

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