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  1. Study IQ education 2 years ago

    Get FLAT 50% discount on Pendrive Courses Offer Valid till 12th December '18.

    Videos PDFs – || Join #StudyIQ on Telegram – || #Pendrive_Courses for Various Govt. Exams. Click here to know more – or #Call_9580048004 or Live Chat Support –

    UPSC/CSE 2019 –

    SSC & Bank –

    UPSC Optionals –

    State PSCs –

    Defence Exams –

    SSC JE Exams –

    RBI Grade B –

    NABARD Grade A –

    DMRC Exams –

    Insurance Exams –

    CLAT 2019 –

    Railway Jobs –

    Teaching Jobs –

    UPSC Prelim 2019Test Series –

  2. Shailendra Singh 2 years ago

    T.B eradication for india is 2025

  3. Ashok Kumar 2 years ago

    thank you dear sir

  4. manjula patro 2 years ago

    Gud morning sir

  5. Shailendra Singh 2 years ago

    thanks sir for analysis. . .

  6. ruby Mathur 2 years ago

    Good morning sir..
    ¶¶1st picture of ~ Arvind Panagariya
    ¶¶ 2nd picture of ~ Arvind Subramanian
    ¶¶ Tuberculosis free india~ 2025

  7. Pooja Shukkerwaliya 2 years ago

    b answer

  8. Vishaka Singh 2 years ago

    💐💐💐Good morning sir💐💐💐

  9. sunil kathwal 2 years ago

    thanku very much sir

  10. bhagwat badoni 2 years ago

    Sir Gaurav sir ki videos kB to ayenge…We are waiting badly…

  11. Sadhna Yadav 2 years ago

    End india TB epidemic by 2025

  12. Himanshu Baghel 2 years ago

    Meaning of "Common sense is not common " is every person has different sense and observation for any particular thing so sense is not common because it depends on person to person.

  13. Prabhanjana Bidikar 2 years ago


  14. shyam BABU Manjhi 2 years ago

    Good morning

  15. shyam BABU Manjhi 2 years ago

    Ab kya banda suicide kr le,?

  16. hurt lucker 2 years ago

    Thank you sir…

  17. rss bjp 2 years ago

    Vijay maliya next governor of rbi

  18. Madhusudan Sahoo 2 years ago

    1=Tb free in india 2025
    2=land lock country

  19. Surbhi Prakriti 2 years ago

    Thank you, Sir
    1. Arsenal = a collection of weapons and military equipment (noun).
    Ex:- Russia has not agreed to reduce its nuclear arsenal.

    2. Detract = diminish the worth or value of (a quality or achievement) (verb).
    Ex:- The role did not include operational responsibilities that would detract him from his work.

    3. Implant = to put an organ, group of cells, or device into the body in a medical operation (verb).
    Ex:- Bomb is implanted inside the woman for a terror attack by terrorists.

    4. Tweak = to pull and twist something with a small sudden movement (verb).
    Ex:- With a simple tweak he repairs my injured ankle.

    5. Intrusive = affecting someone in a way that annoys them and makes them feel uncomfortable (adjective).
    Ex:- Intrusive behavior of Pakistan in UN General Assembly doesn't affect the envoys of India.

    6. Spotlight = receiving a lot of public attention (noun).
    Ex:- Spotlight sometimes spoils your me time which leads to irritation.

    1. Armenia is a landlocked country in the Transcaucasia region, between the Black and Caspian Seas, bordered on the north and east by Georgia and Azerbaijan and on the south and west by Iran and Turkey.

    2. Countries with international borders Jordan are Iraq, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and a portion of the Palestinian territories (West Bank), and it shares maritime borders with Egypt. The "almost landlocked" country is bordering the Gulf of Aqaba (Red Sea) in a small outlet in the south.

    1. (B) 3-1-2-4.

  20. Good Morning Sir🙇‍♂️
    Common sense is not so common
    At times the most evident, most obvious thing to do or occur to us in a particular situation takes a backseat or gets lost in oblivion because we end up over thinking, devise complicated solutions to problems whose solution is sitting right in front of us. Hence we need to simplify and improvise rather than incessant pondering and overcomplicate.

  21. Ratnamala Dutta 2 years ago

    Arvind panagaria, and Arvind subramanium

  22. Sudheer Singh 2 years ago

    Arsenal_ शस्त्रागार, युद्ध सामग्री का भंडार
    Detract_ किसी की साख को घटाना
    Implant_ शल्यक्रिया द्वारा शरीर के किसी अंग में रोपी गई वस्तु( ताकि वह अंग अधिक बड़ा या आकृति में भिन्न हो सके)
    Tweak _ अचानक खींचना या मोड़ना
    Intrusive_ अनाधिकार प्रवेश से सम्बन्धित
    Spotlight_ लोगों के विशेष ध्यान या रूचि का केन्द्र
    Mountain range_ Aravali range, Ajanta range malwa plateu, Satpura range
    (1)Bahrin_ surrounded with water in Persian gulf
    (2)Quatar_ surrounded with water in three & Saudi Arabia
    (3)Kuwait _ Persian gulf & Iraq
    (4) U.A.E._Harmuz straight Oman& Persian gulf
    (5)Jordon_ Gulf of aquaba, israil& Palestine, Iraq,Saudi Arabia
    (6) Israil_Meditterean sea ,Jordon, Iraq, Serial
    (7) Lebanon _ Mediterranean Sea Israil
    Arvind pangaria resign he first vice president of niti aayog
    Arvind subramanyam resign _ ceo of finance ministry

  23. Priyawrat Kumar 2 years ago

    Arvind panagariya NITI Aayog

  24. Priyawrat Kumar 2 years ago


  25. Priyawrat Kumar 2 years ago


  26. Priyawrat Kumar 2 years ago

    Tuberculosis free INDIA 2025.

  27. Priyawrat Kumar 2 years ago

    Genetically modified crop sabrimala temple

  28. Priyawrat Kumar 2 years ago

    Dead Sea is between Israel and Jordan.

  29. jyoti vats 2 years ago

    1. Arsenal- collection of weapons
    2. Detract- divert
    3. Tweak- to change slightly in order to improve it, to make small adjustments
    4. Intrusive- annoying someone by interfering with their privacy
    5. Spotlight- public attention or notice
    6. Implant- to put something in a specified place

  30. Waseem Senu 2 years ago

    Indian institutions are not under good hands

  31. Thanks 🙏sir ji

  32. Sachin Kumar 2 years ago


    1. Arsenal – all the weapons and equipment that a country has

    e.g., India recently improves its arsenal.

    2. Detract – take away a part from

    e.g., He was determined not to let anything detract from his enjoyment of the trip.

    3. Implant – a prosthesis placed permanently in tissue

    e.g., They had implant the seed of doubt in his mind.

    4. Tweak – a squeeze with the fingers

    e.g., He tweaked the flowers off the bush.

    5. Intrusive – tending to intrude

    e.g., When Alison was at home she was an intrusive presence.

    6. Spotlight – a focus of public attention

    e.g., The room was lit by spotlights.

  33. Sachin Kumar 2 years ago

    Map Based:

     None of the countries in middle east is a landlocked country.

  34. Sachin Kumar 2 years ago

    Honestly, I don't know the picture based answer but thxx to other who post it and finally I know this and learn more after seeing others answer and some self researches.

    Picture Based:

    1. Arvind Panagariya has stepped down as Vice Chairman of the government think tank NITI Aayog. The Columbia University professor will be returning to the U.S. to rejoin academia.

    2. After spending four years in India as chief economic advisor, Arvind Subramanian left the job to return to America for personal reasons. Mr Subramanian had joined Chief Economic Advisor on October 16, 2014 for a period of three years. On the expiry of the three year he was requested by Union finance minister Arun Jaitley to continue for some more time.

  35. shashaank bisht 2 years ago

    arsenal- fund/stock/store
    detract- take away/ diminish
    implant- fix or set securely or deeply
    tweaks- cut/pinch or squeeze sharply
    intrusive- tending to intrude
    spotlight- a focus of public attention / limelight

  36. nidhi shukla 2 years ago

    thanks sir

  37. aditya jaiswal 2 years ago

    Goodafternoon Sir,

    1) Arsenal : all the weapons and equipments a country has
    2) Detract : diminish
    3) Implant : fit or set securely or deeply
    4) Tweaks : adjust finely
    5) Intrusive : tending to intrude privacy
    6) Spotlight : a focus of public attention

    ~India plans to eradicate TB completely by 2025

    Map Based quiz :
    Landlocked Middle east countries:
    Iraq and Jordan

    Ques) Ans- B

  38. Abhishek Sharma 2 years ago

    Ans is B

  39. nidhi shukla 2 years ago

    all countries share border line water and ans quiz A

  40. Zaheer Abass 2 years ago

    Thankyou sir ji🙏

  41. Amrita 2 years ago

    No countary is land locked
    North to south
    Aravali hills
    Malva range
    Satupra range
    Ajanta range

  42. Swati Singh 2 years ago

    Thanku for the analysis Sir

    First person – Arvind panagriya
    (former vice chairman of GOI think tank NITI AAYOG – 2015 – 2017)
    Second person – Arvind subramanian (former chief economic advisor to GOI – 2014 – 2018)

    1) arsenal – collection of military equipment
    2)detract – diminish the value of achievement
    3)implant – a thing insert in someone else
    4)intrusive – causing annoyance
    5)tweaks – improve system by making fine adjustment
    6)spotlight – public attention

    # Ques ans

    # map based ans
    Shaded map region – no one is landlocked country.

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