Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016 – What is NRC-
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10 January 2019 – The Hindu Editorial Discussion & News Paper Analysis in Hindi [UPSC/SSC/IBPS] VeeR
The Hindu Daily Editorial Discussion and News paper Analysis covering important articles and editorials in the required depth mainly for UPSC/IAS, CDS, NDA, SSC, Banking, IBPS, RRB, RBI, SSC, CLAT, State PSC Exams Preparation; General Studies for all competitive examinations

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  1. StudY LoveR- VeeR 2 years ago

    Due of internet problem I was not able to upload the video on time sorry for inconvenience…

    Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016 – What is NRC-

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    शेयर (Share) करना मत भूलना 👍👍👍

  2. Chandan Chauhan 2 years ago

    3)adam Smith
    4) Vinit Narain

  3. Mira Pangare 2 years ago

    1-Qingdao china
    2-world bank
    3-Adam smith
    4-vineet narain
    5- ख्रिश्चन Afghanistan

  4. chandni khan 2 years ago

    1- Quindago.
    2- World Bank.
    3- Adam Smith.
    4- Vineet Narain.
    5- Christian., Afghanistan.
    6- 2013.

  5. Tiirthraj Gotefode 2 years ago

    any one can tell me where to post written answer.

  6. Tuba Hani 2 years ago

    2)world bank
    3)Adams Smith
    4)vineet narian case
    5)Christian from Afghanistan
    6)chang e-3
    Jai hind….🇮🇳😄

  7. Dhan Kumari 2 years ago

    Love u veer sir..

  8. Ashutosh Gupta 2 years ago

    Thank you

  9. Rohit Bandekar 2 years ago

    Sir bhoot bada vedio bana raha hai almost 50min hogaya abhi 1 hr mat karo itna time nahi hota. Please think about it..

  10. 🌍Mauritius⏩⏩
    ⛅Capital⏩port louis

    ⛅Mid night of⏩
    24 march 1971

    🎯Today's test🎯

    1🔘Qingdao, China
    3🔘Adam smith
    4🔘Vineet narain
    5🔘christen, from Afghanistan, Bangladesh & Pakistan
    6🔘chang'e 3↔yutu

    Thank you…

  11. Ani Saha 2 years ago

    Mauritius 🇲🇺
    🔸 Capital- Port Louis
    💱 Currency- Mauritian Rupee.
    It's a island country In Indian Ocean 🌊.
    Question answer-
    1. China 🇨🇳
    2. World Bank 🏦.
    3. Adam Smith
    4. Vineet Narin
    5. Christian, Afganistan 🇦🇫
    6. Chang'e 3
    Thank you 🙏🏻 sir… Good Night.

  12. Avenger THE 2 years ago

    Sir video ki length thora chhota krne ki kosis kro 20 se 30 ke difference beech
    Thank you so much sir

  13. rayagond pujar 2 years ago

    1: China
    2: World Bank
    3:Adam Smith
    4:Vineet Narain
    5: Christian, Afghanistan
    6: change 3

  14. RAVI MESSIAH 2 years ago

    Jai hind

  15. Suman Kumar 2 years ago

    Good morning sar ji

  16. Kiran Yadav 2 years ago

    Sir please make pib analysis for upsc aspirants🙂

  17. Nice sir goood

  18. ravi pathak 2 years ago

    Sir one request one vidio on all the important cort case
    Fom independent to till date
    One sarison this pless
    Most important
    The hindu me rog one cash discusshota he to hame sari detailspata nahi hoti

    Pless jo log ye chahte he vo supportkare meri commentko

  19. Anki Shrma 2 years ago

    No one is like veer sir

  20. nikita patel 2 years ago

    ✔ map practice
    ✔ Mauritius
    ✔capital :- port louis
    ✔currency :- rupee
    ✔ quindao, china
    ✔ world bank
    ✔Adam Smith
    ✔vineet narayan
    ✔ Christian, Afghanistan
    ✔chaeng -3
    Thankyou veer sir
    jai hind 😁 😁 😅

  21. tapanjeet roy 2 years ago

    Thanks for uploading are doing a great great job

  22. Kiran Yadav 2 years ago

    Sabrimala through the ages, ye wala article aapne discuss nhi kiya sirji🙂

  23. Priyanka Saini 2 years ago

    Hello sir,

    Today Answers:

     Mauritius – Indian Ocean island country, Capital – Port Louis, Currency – Mauritius rupee

    1.Quingdao, China
    2.World Bank
    3.Adam Smith
    4.Vinnet Narain
    5.Christians ,Afghanistan
    6.Ching e- 3

    Thanku sir

  24. Sunita Sharma 2 years ago

    Citizenship amendment bill in the mid night of the 24th march 1971
    1) Quingdao china
    2) World bank
    3) Adam smith
    4) Vineet Narian
    5) Christan and country is Afganistan
    6) 1st mission for moon by china Change 3

  25. vijay kumar 2 years ago

    Thanks sir

  26. MR. MOHANTU 2 years ago



  27. Suman Singh 2 years ago

    Quiz ans
    1. Qingdao China
    2. World bank
    3. Adam Smith
    4. Vineet Narain
    5. Christian, Afghanistan
    6. Chang'e 1
    Question India and China work together, bilaterally and in multilateral grouping to built a secure Afghanistan. Explain?
    Afghanistan is a region of instability due to the taliban prevalent group who spread terrorist activities and leads to loss of human life, creates uncertainty in the region. The developed countries especially U.S.A also known as world security guard declare to withdraw its troops from this region which leads increase the role of taliban group in area which further increase instability so this is the time for India and China to work together and maintain peace in this region. Already india and china try maintains peace in Afghanistan at its level their own interest , one for its belt and road initiative and other for its entry in central asia.
    China role- China invest in many developmental projects such as mining, roads , railways and health. China gives military aid to Afghanistan to fight terrorism and increase security cooperation.
    SCO summit at Qingdao ,China 2018 program initiate to combat terrorism( 2019-2021). Afghanistan may soon become member of SCO forced by India and China. China also deal with Pakistan to not interfere in terrorist activity in Afghanistan as this activities are mainly supported by pak. China is also member of quadrilateral group ( China , USA , Afghanistan, Pakistan) and other multilateral grouping so after USA China make efforts to maintain peace in this region.
    India's role in Afghanistan- India is not member of any bilateral and multilateral grouping in Afghanistan it maintains peace in this region and support with its development project's .Afghanistan is one of the reason to develop Chabahar port in Iran so that India directly linked with Afghanistan and make more developmental projects. India also support Afghanistan to be part of SCO group .

  28. Do OR DIE bharti 2 years ago

    Good evening sir
    Today ans:- bank
    3.Adam smith
    6.chang'e 3

  29. raveendra bavoor 2 years ago

    Sir, Answer to todays question.
    America may be withdrawing its troops from Afghanistan land in foreseeable future leading it vulnerable to terrorist (taliban) activities and instability. In this context India China can look forward to work together to build a secure Afghanistan.
    Secured and stable Afghanistan is in the interest of the region. China shares part of its border with Afghanistan, its instability and terrorist activities may extend into China and may harm it. Afghanistan is key for China's Belt and Road Initiative.
    Stable Afghanistan can create market for Indian and Chines goods and can be no more safe heavens for terrorists.
    India and China are developing various infrastructures in Afghanistan separately. India has built parliament complex in Kabul. It extends soft power through Bollywood movies and music.
    If both India and China invest together bilaterally or through multilateral fora like SCO to work effectively, it will good for stability of Afghanistan.

  30. Ravi Singh 2 years ago

    This confrontation has been dilluted the charges of corruption over both the one is talking about that.

  31. ips Vip 2 years ago


  32. Mr भाऊ 2 years ago

    Dislike for Long Length…..Please maximum 30 min k under khatam kre

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