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  1. Study IQ education 3 years ago

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  2. pushpender ratnawat 3 years ago


  3. i m what i m 3 years ago

    thanks sir but electricity comes from Kashmiri power projects but u r taking advantage of that instead Kashmir's face electricity shortage becoz of other states in response India loves Kashmir for destruction and innocent killings

  4. Gadhavi Pooja 3 years ago

    Thank u…sir

  5. Thanks for your efforts 🙏

  6. Md Shahid 3 years ago

    These countries are located on equator- Brazil Colambia Equador

  7. Md Shahid 3 years ago

    And Their capital are Quito , Bogata and Brasilia

  8. Bhupesh Agrawal 3 years ago

    Thank you for the lecture sir …

  9. Ashok Kumawat 3 years ago

    Thank you sir 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

  10. Sunil Kumar 3 years ago

    Voice Dhakad hai

  11. Dj Chaudhary 3 years ago

    सर जो आर्मी पर हाथ उठाता है उसे जिंदा मार देना चाहिए

  12. Anil Saroj 3 years ago

    Thanks sir

  13. Mahesh Thumbre 3 years ago

    Thanks a lot sir….

  14. Sachin Raje 3 years ago

    Sir, It's Mumbai not Bombay… also it's Bengaluru not Bangalore.

  15. Sunil Jain 3 years ago

    thank you sir for another amazing video
    South American countries through which equator passes and their capitals-

    Ecuador ( Quito )–> Columbia ( Bogota) –> Brazil ( Brasilia)

  16. Sushant Singh 3 years ago

    i have been waiting since morning

  17. Tarannum Quraishi 3 years ago

    Equator line passes through 3 counries
    ( west to east)
    Counrty / capital
    Equador /quito

  18. Hardik 3 3 years ago

    GT:You Can do Anything Just Believe.
    Thanks sirji&Please start lessions with your great motivations
    Equator passed in Latin American Country like:Brazil(Brazilia,Brazilian Real) Colombia(Bogota,peso) Ecuador(Quito,Dollar)

  19. sohan sahu 3 years ago

    sir your job idea is very good

  20. Vineeta Barthwal 3 years ago

    Thank u sir

  21. sohan sahu 3 years ago

    The Equator runs through three South American countries: Ecuador,(quito) Brazil,(brasilia) and Columbia(bogota)

  22. Vineeta Barthwal 3 years ago

    Equator passes through South America , Equador , Columbia, and Brazil. In Africa Gabon , rebublic and Democratic of Congo , Uganda , Kenya ,somaliya . Maldives , Indonesia. Kiribati

  23. Dr. Sushil Gaikwad 3 years ago

    equator pass country: Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Brazil
    West to East capital : quitto, Lima, begota, Brasilia
    Galapagos Islands (ecuator) equator pass
    West :- pasific ocean and
    east :- Atlantic ocean

  24. Neetu Kumari 3 years ago

    Your teaching style is very well 👍

  25. LALU KUMAR 3 years ago

    Madhepura Bihar _ super

  26. Anil Purbiya 3 years ago


  27. Sandip Prajapati 3 years ago

    ઇક્વાડોર, કોલોમ્બિયા,બ્રાઝીલ માંથી વિષુવવૃત પસાર થાય છે.
    પછીમ થી પુરબ તરફ જતા
    ક્યોટો>બોગોટા> બ્રાઝિલિયા આવે છે…..
    બ્રાઝીલ ને ટોટલ ૧૦ દેશો ની સરહદ અડે છે.
    લેટિન અમેરિકા માં ૨ જમીન થી ઘેરાયેલા દેશ છે તેમાં બોલિવિયા તથા પેરાગ્વે નો સમાવેશ થાય છે.
    આર્જેન્ટિના ના બ્યુનોસ આયરોસ ખાતે ત્રીજો યુવા ઓલિમ્પિક રમતો યોજાય હતી.
    ચીલી,આર્જેન્ટિના, પેરાગ્વે તથા બ્રાઝીલ માંથી મકરવૃત પણ પસાર થાય છે…

  28. Deepti Narnolia 3 years ago

    From Three countries equator passes through from east to west in South America continent.

    1. Brazil — Brasilia — Brazilian real
    President- Jair Bolsonoro
    2. Colombia- Bogota – peso
    President – Ivan Duque Marquez
    3. Ecuador — Quito — Dollar
    President – Lenin Moreno


  29. Ashish Jain 3 years ago

    Equator passes through 3 countries in south America continent

  30. Laxmi Prajapati 3 years ago


  31. Suman Meena 3 years ago

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  32. Abhishek Das 3 years ago

    Sir Which is most important country lov or state lov?? Everywhere everyone shows their state lov not country lov.. How to be in middle path in the situation like Gujrat worker, NRC assam???

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