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Comments are closed.

  1. Pranav Kumar Rai 2 years ago

    Sir 11th Jan k bhi express soln daal dijiega..agar ho sake to

  2. lucifer lucifer 2 years ago

    thanku for your effort

  3. gaurav raj 2 years ago

    From where does you get questions.

  4. Anant Mishra 2 years ago

    Baaki k?

  5. Rohit Sharma 2 years ago

    Sir i am currently studying in class 11 and 6 months are complete till here i was able to solve sometimes 5 to 6 only questions per day without looking solutions sir but now i will go to 12 so syllabus will go fastly and i also like to solve more and more questions as well as to do revision so should i give only 3 minutes per question and afterwards move to another if not able to solve it … please reply me sir i am very confused about strategy

  6. Rama Yadav 2 years ago

    Sir can the ques4 be solved by homogeneous

  7. Prajwal Moras 2 years ago

    Sir please do sets chapter

  8. rohit kumar 2 years ago

    sir iam getting 140s in this paper. should i prepare for advanced or mains?

  9. Dharuv Verma 2 years ago

    Sir JEE Main 10-01-2019 Shift 1 9:30 to 12:30 me ek question aaya tha – Find the sum of all the solutions between (0,π/2) of the equation Sin²2x + Cos⁴2x = 3/4?
    1.) π/2
    2.) π
    rest two I don't remember.
    Another question : Find the sum of all the two digits numbers which on dividing by 7 yields remainder 2 or 5?
    1.) 1356
    2.) 1256
    Rest two I don't remember.
    Another question – If the line 3x+4y-24=0 intersects x-axis at A and y-axis at B, then find the incentre of triangle AOB, O being the origin.
    1.) (2,2)
    2.) (4,3)
    3.) (3,4)
    Last option I don't remember.
    Another Question : A coin was tossed once. If Heads is obtained then a dice is rolled and then the outcome is noted. If tails is obtained then a card from a random deck of 9 cards i.e 1,2,3,4,5,…,9 is drawn and the number is noted down. Find the probability that the obtained number is either 7 or 8?
    In this question I don't remember exactly what's the options was but they were in fraction and the denominator was 36 in all.
    Mentioning this question in case it helps… Will add more soon…

  10. Rohit Sharma 2 years ago

    Sir not dear friends….. Hlo dear student

  11. mukul sahu 2 years ago

    sir my jan attempt has not gone good due to lack of time for preparation
    now how should i prepare for April attempt and my syllabus will complete in feb i m in resonance
    sir plzz help

  12. Manjul Kumar 2 years ago

    sir i did self study and learnt from your lectures from past 2 years i never felt need of a mentor
    thanks a lot sir.

  13. Antaryami Londa 2 years ago

    Thanks sir

  14. Shubham Jha 2 years ago

    Thank you sir…14 questions kar ke aaya hun

  15. ASTITVA GUPTA 2 years ago

    Scoring 83

  16. Kakarot 2 years ago

    10 Jan first shift kaha hai

  17. vishal singh 2 years ago


  18. vishal singh 2 years ago

    sir have u done these type of questions in ur lectures… plz reply sir

  19. Simplified lessons 2 years ago

    because of you i got 100 marks in maths thankyou so much ( according to your solution )

  20. ASHPREET ANAND 2 years ago

    Sir 10 question hi correct hai with option baki incomplete aur adhi information given by student ki wajah se questions wrong hai

  21. Cs Points 2 years ago

    Sir cut off ka kya lagta hai aapko ?

  22. Cs Points 2 years ago

    Meko formulae yaad nahi thay math fav hone k bawajud ganda ho gaya 🙁

  23. Sourav Ghosh 2 years ago

    Wil april atmpt be tougher than jan

  24. sanjaysharma71975 2 years ago

    Sir great hai app don't give clarification

  25. Sir plzz help me I am unable to solve jee main level questions plzz help me sir I am only able to solve ncert questions

  26. Sir mujhae aapkae barre mae meri didi sae pata chala tha…aur tab sae mae aapkae video dekta hu ..thanks sir…aapnae free mae humae itna content diya ..thanks a lot day I will meet you sir..

  27. Suraj Gupta 2 years ago

    Thankyou sir

  28. RX clashers 2 years ago

    These questions are most right I gived this paper

  29. Utkarsh Ramachandra 2 years ago

    sir can you please share some important results to be remebered for mains as it is difficult ton go through all the videos…thanks

  30. Sufiyan Ahmad 2 years ago

    Maine 42 question Kiya hai 13 Sahi hai kya Mera ho Jayega aur main handicap huin

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